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Our History

Cozy Bear Cabins- original owner
Murdell Weatherby-Holbert

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Murdell Weatherby-Holbert

December 27, 1917- November 20, 2017


Murdell Weatherby-Holbert's family came to Ruidoso in 1938 and built the Weatherby's Cabins in the 1940's which, in this early time period, were predominantly used by loggers.  Eventually, the property was subdivided and half of it became the current Cozy Bear Cabins.  In 1962, Murdell and her husband Tom built their home on the half that was retained.  Two of the original cabins remain on this property and together with Murdell's home are known as "the pink houses" in Ruidoso.  In 1955, Murdell and Tom built the Tomahawk Lodge where the current Visions Shopping Center is located.  Also located on that property were the original cabins numbered 1-3.  Tom & Murdell ran the lodge and cabins for many years before selling them.  After the sale, Murdell worked as a bookkeeper at Ruidoso Downs and Tom ran a successful sewer and excavating business.  Murdell passed away on November 20, 2017, just shy of her 100th birthday.   

Photos courtesy of the Weatherby-Holbert family
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