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What President was not born in a log cabinThe log cabin has been a symbol of humble origins in US politics since the early 19th century and seven United States Presidents were even born in log cabins.

Although William Henry Harrison was not born in a log cabin, during the 1840 presidential election he was on of the the first to use a log cabin as a symbol to show North Americans that he was a man of the people.

Other candidates followed Harrison’s example, making the idea of a log cabin — and, more generally, a non-wealthy background—a recurring theme in campaign biographies.

More than a century after Harrison, Adlai Stevenson acknowledged: “I wasn’t born in a log cabin. I didn’t work my way through school nor did I rise from rags to riches, and there’s no use trying to pretend I did.” Stevenson by the way, lost the 1952 presidential election in a landslide to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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